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Mastering Short Form Content: The Power of Pre-Production

Creating short form content for social media is a trend that has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm. However, what many overlook is the crucial role that pre-production plays in the success of these videos. In this post, we'll delve into why pre-production is undeniably the most underestimated aspect of short form content and explore practical tips to enhance your video scripting process.

Entrepreneurs often jump straight into production without realizing the importance of scripting. It's common for individuals to stand in front of a camera, rambling for an hour, hoping something makes sense. However, this approach is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. By the time you've filmed one video, you could have scripted ten.

"But I'm a confident speaker, why do I need to script?" you might ask. Scripting is not just for those who struggle with public speaking. Even if you know what to say, being in front of the camera can lead to stumbling over words and unnecessary pauses. This results in more takes than necessary, wasting both production and editing time. Taking just five minutes to write out your thoughts can significantly streamline the filming and editing process, making your content creation journey more efficient.

Beyond time savings, scripting offers additional benefits, such as boosting confidence. A scripted video exudes confidence, making you appear more knowledgeable and engaging to your audience. In contrast, unscripted videos often lack certainty and may have numerous cuts, disrupting the flow. Ultimately, scripting not only makes your videos tidier but also enhances their overall quality.

Now, how should you approach scripting a short form video? The key is finding a balance. You don't need expensive scripting software or spend hours perfecting your script. Simple notes on your phone will suffice. The goal is to create a basic structure for your video, opening with something captivating, spending a maximum of 20 seconds on the topic, and concluding with informative content, possibly ending with a question to encourage audience engagement. Following this structure helps maintain viewer attention and ensures consistently well-thought-out videos.

Remember, your script is all about keeping the audience engaged. Beyond scripting, we'll explore additional techniques for maintaining viewer attention in the production and post-production sections of this series.

Our final tip for short form content creation is to script in bulk. Set aside an hour each week to script, making it a consistent part of your routine. This seemingly small investment can lead to scripting 3-6 videos a week, depending on your personal pace. Scripting in bulk significantly increases your production rate, making your content creation process more efficient. Doing this on a designated day allows you to get in the zone and create a focused, impactful script.

In conclusion, pre-production, particularly scripting, is the foundation of successful short form content. By recognizing its importance and implementing these practical tips, you'll not only save time but also produce engaging, high-quality videos that resonate with your audience. So, sit down, get in the zone, and start scripting – your audience is waiting!


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