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Capturing Chaos: A Spontaneous Adventure in TikTok Videography

Almost four weeks ago now a TikTok influencer contacted me out of the blue and requested I drive down to Plymouth (from where I am based in Bedfordshire) to film a documentary about him and 3 others surviving in the wild for 3 days "I'm a Celeb" style. Two days later me and good friend Josh packed our bags and did just that, and what an experience it was. For those who have forgotten or are reading well in the future, this was the week of Storm Henk, a storm that brought torrential rain that lead to flooding, 50mph+ winds and a bitterly cold couple weeks. And this is the story of how, despite everything that was against us, we shot I'm a TikToker, Get Me Out of Here! Uniquely, in the style of a Vlog....

Unfortunately the edit for this project is absolutely huge and therefore quite a long way off, hence no footage of ours in the Vlog! However, when the time comes we will update this page with the full video... To stay up to date follow our socials!

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